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How to stay protected from scams with 442 Travel + Umapped

How to stay protected from scams with 442 Travel + Umapped

Many Australians opt to book their travel online because they’re hoping for a greater sense of convenience and control. Unfortunately, research shows that large numbers of consumers become victims of online travel scams in the process. 

Find out how travel bookers powered by 442 Travel + Umapped can help their travellers bridge the gap between having hands-on control, convenient technology and the safety that comes with booking through an expert. 

Survey Suggests Online Travel Scams are Alarmingly Commonplace

This summer, antivirus software provider McAfee published a survey that revealed approximately 1 in 5 Americans have been involved in a scam while booking travel online. 

– The survey of 1000 adults showed that 18% of respondents had been scammed or almost scammed.– 30% of travel scam victims reported losing between $1000 and $3000.– The top 5 summer destinations targeted by potentially malicious sites were Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Amsterdam, Venice, and Canmore, AB.

“The last thing that consumers should have to deal with during or after a holiday is an identity scam or personal privacy issue,” said Gary Davis, McAfee’s chief consumer security ambassador. “While cybersecurity threats unfortunately exist during most stages of the booking and travel experience, consumers can take proactive steps to protect themselves and minimize the risk to ensure scams and other nefarious activities don’t spoil summer travel plans.”

So, how can travellers enjoy convenience and control while keeping their cash and information safe? With an expert travel advisor, powered by Umapped. 

The Benefits of a Travel Advisor Powered by Umapped

Travellers don’t have to choose between having peace of mind and convenience. With 442 Travel + Umapped, travel bookers can offer their travellers hands-on control, convenient technology, and worry-free trip planning. 

Benefits of booking with a travel advisor:

– Avoiding online phishing and credit card scams– Expert guidance with travelling regulations, visas, travel insurance, and other details– Insider knowledge about destinations– A travel advisor can help narrow down infinite options to find the best-suited accommodations, transportation, and activities

While these benefits are true of any good travel advisor, an expert powered by Umapped can provide even more perks for travellers seeking convenience and control.

Added benefits of booking with a travel advisor powered by Umapped:

– Travellers and travel advisors can manage trips collaboratively. Clients book a dinner reservation while in-destination? No problem. Umapped makes it easy for both parties to keep all trip details in one convenient place. – Travellers receive convenient flight updates.– Travellers can access their trip details offline, anywhere in the world.– Travellers can communicate with their advisors with the tap of a button.

There are countless ways travel bookers can use 442 Travel + Umapped to wow clients (especially with our newly released streamlined Trip Publisher experience)Get in touch today to find out more.